Why is our logo a Stag?


Have you ever had a moment when you just need a sign that you are on the right path? The stag is ours!
On the day that Selina had the idea to start to a digital agency, she was half way to work when she was called by her husband to meet her at the local park, as there was something she had to see. On returning to the park her husband Brian took her to an area with heavy foliage where two stags were grazing. Several years ago the local abattoir were killing deers for meat and it was local knowledge that several had escaped and made a safe haven in the local park, however not many people had actually seen them. It was a kind of urban legend. This was all the sign Selina needed to start Super Power Digital.


About Super Power Digital


Super Power Digital was founded by Selina Power in December 2013 with the vision to create a social media and WordPress website development company that is an affordable option to small businesses, charities and large multi-national companies. We are different because our company is based on a hybrid agency model. We work specifically with companies who don’t currently offer website design and social media as a service but have clients who require these services.

Due to the success of this model, we were unable to launch a website or social media presence due to service demand for over a year. Our team expanded to Natalie Zapotezny who came on board in June 2014 as a co-owner and brought media buying a service into Super Power Digital. Joshua Hawthorn joined the team in January 2015 and brought the power of web solutions to the team.



Selina Power

Creative Director/ Founder
Selina is the ‘Power’ in Super Power Digital, an international keynote speaker and social media and digital marketing specialist.

Natalie Zapotezny

Creative Director
Natalie is the right hand to Super Power Digital and specialises in Media Buying and Search Engine Marketing.  

Joshua Hawthorn

Digital Content Manager
Originally from a retail background, Joshua is our techspert. If you have a digital problem, Josh will solve it for you. When Josh is not ridding the world wide web of viruses and using his mouse as a metaphorical grenade he is working on his hand eye co-ordination in games like Battlefield and Monster Hunter.




Unit 9/33 Vulture St, West End
Brisbane, 4001



P: 0416 736 975
E: Sales@superpowerdigital.com.au


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