These are the brains behind the operation.

Meet the Team

SELINA POWER</br>  Creative Director

Creative Director

Selina is the 'Power' in Super Power Digital. An international keynote speaker, social media and digital marketing specialist. Selina is super passionate about social media and learning and development in the digital technologies sector.

NATALIE ZAPOTEZNY</br> Creative Director

Creative Director

Natalie is the right hand to Super Power Digital and specialises in Media Buying, Search Engine Marketing and Website Development. Natalie is a gun when it comes to reviewing advertising analytics and loves a challenge. Natalie is also a talented keynote speaker.

JORDAN LIM</br> Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager

Jordan Lim is the code behind the websites we build. He is our UX mastermind that is always looking to make each website better than the next. When he is not listening to the latest jams, he is taking the time to learn more about PHP, CSS and Java.

TAYLA BANKS</br> Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager

Tayla is our social butterfly, our digital marketing whisperer, our social content mastermind. If you have social media content she has the social media designs to take your message to the next level. She has a keen eye for grammar and when she is not dominating social media one day at a time, she is enjoying modern and fine art.

Why We Do What We Do

Super Power Digital

 Super Power Digital was founded by Selina Power in December 2013 with the vision to create a social media and WordPress website development company that is an affordable option to small businesses, charities and large multi-national companies. We are different because our company is based on a hybrid agency model. We work specifically with companies who don’t currently offer website design and social media as a service but have clients who require these services.

Due to the success of this model, we were unable to launch a website or social media presence due to service demand for over a year. Our team expanded to Natalie Zapotezny who came on board in June 2014 as a co-owner and brought media buying a service into Super Power Digital. Joshua Hawthorn joined the team in January 2015 and brought the power of web solutions to the team.

Clients We've Worked With