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When asked “do you have a LinkedIn profile” many of you confidentially say yes. But when I ask “so what do you do on LinkedIn”; well I usually get the responses “I occasionally update my profile” or “I read messages when I get them”.

LinkedIn is not just a mini website with a page all about you and the ability to check messages that people send you. LinkedIn is a CRM (customer relationship manager) and when used correctly a major sales and customer acquisition tool. Here are my tips to ramping up your LinkedIn activity and seeing results.

1. Know why you are on LinkedIn

There is no use being on LinkedIn if you don’t know why you are on it. It is important with any digital strategy to have a goal and one that is time bound. For example my goal is gain $40,000 in work referred through linkedIn by the end of the year. Your’s could build your network connections to 500 by the end of the year. You must have a goal so you can devise the right plan on how to achieve it.

2. Put it in your calendar

One of my number one recommendations is to set aside 5 minutes a day to your LinkedIn Strategy. It is ok if you skip a couple of days here are there it does not matter but it is important to make it a priority and a part of your marketing calendar.

3. Need a strategy? Why not use mine!

Check your messages and respond to them.

Respond to invitation requests. Try not to be too picky. You wouldn’t make your website only visible to a segment of the market, so why do it with your LinkedIn account. Usually if they have asked to connect with you on LinkedIn there is a reason why.

– With everyone you accept send them a message straight away. Stuck for what to say? View their profile and see what they do and if you have any connections or groups in common. I also make a point to ask why they chose to connect with you. This can sprout a conversation about your services and soon you have a potential lead.

Share a piece of content on your LinkedIn profile and any appropriate LinkedIn groups you are connected to. This will help remind people that you are still around, reinforce your speciality, drive traffic back to your website and grow your leads.

Send a message to one of your contacts Whether it is to congratulate a friend on a new job or to set up a meeting with a potential lead it is important to make contact with at least one person.

Have any questions or would like a one on one session. Simply send us a message via our contact form and we will organise something with you to get you ahead of the game.

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