Auditing Your Tasks with DOCAS

When was the last time you sat down with your team and asked them about inefficiencies they see in the company or review their workload. After attending WordCamp in Brisbane last weekend, a speaker James Banks discussed the process he uses to audit team tasks DOCAS. If you are not familiar DOCAS stands for Delegate, Outsource, Continue, Automate and Stop.

James said that in his company every 6 months he takes the time to talk with his team about the tasks they have and where their tasks fit on this scale. He recommends placing all of the persons tasks in the first column and filling the heading row with Delegate, Outsource, Continue, Automate and Stop. If you specific tasks fit in the Delegate column, it would be worthwhile, to see if this tasks is better considered for a current or new team member.

If a task fits in the Outsource column, then you can consider hiring a freelancer to complete the task. We recommend Upwork. If the tasks fits in to continue then no change is recommended. If the task is placed in the automate column then you could use tools like IFFT or other kinds of marketing automation softwares. Stop is obviously to stop the task in general.

If you have any questions about using the DOCAS method, or want a copy of the template you use, feel free to contact us.