Connecting Your WordPress Site to PayPal Just got Easier

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If you have something to sell on your website, you have likely hit the dilemma of how to seamlessly integrate PayPal into your WordPress website. We had a similar issue until we stumbled upon a plugin that makes the integration extremely simple and saves us a considerable amount of time.

With the plugin Nice PayPal Button Lite you can simply enter in your PayPal email details and currency and then you can very simply start charging for products and services right from posts or pages in your WordPress Dashboard.

Here is an example of the code:

[nicepaypallite name=”HYDROTHERAPY FOR CHRONIC DISEASES COURSES Townsville APA/ESSA” amount=”295.00″] APA/ESSA


Here is an example of how it looks:

Gateway Physiotherapy Plugin example

How to download this plugin

To download this plugin simply login to your WordPress Dashboard > click on Plugins and from the side menu that appears click Add New > in the search field type “Nice PayPal Button Lite“> select it from the list and then click Install Now.

Once it has been installed, be sure to activate the plugin, which you will be prompted to do when it has downloaded. To set up your PayPal account on this plugin go to Settings on your WordPress Dashboard and then select Nice PayPal Button Lite.

Is there a great plugin that you think we should know about it? Drop us a line or simply comment on this post.

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Connecting your WordPress Site to Paypal just got easier

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