Facebook Scams and You: A quick guide to securing your account

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Hi, I’m Joshua – Digital Content Manager for Super Power Digital. I have a bit of knowledge with online security and dealing with malicious software. With the recent viral scam on Facebook, I decided to share some of that knowledge.

You have probably seen a post like the one pictured above show up on your Facebook feed in the past few days, perhaps you have been tagged in one, or worse, your account has spammed all of your friends causing some of them to fall victim to the lure of a free Bunnings Gift Card.

The problem is your friends will never see that card, because its a scam. A scam designed to get your personal information to people who want to charge your phone account and bombard you with malicious software such as toolbars and free “virus” scanners.

DON’T DESPAIR! Here at Super Power Digital we have written this quick guide about what to do, and what not to do when faced with this scam.

Let’s start with what NOT to do: Don’t click the link… ever!

If you are ever unsure of something, ask another person or Google it. A quick google of “Bunnings voucher giveaway Facebook” resulted in the first 10 pages warning of the scam. The first page on the list was the official Bunnings page with this message.


What to Do: If you have clicked the link, it’s vital you take the following steps.

1. Delete all of the Bunnings Scam Posts off your Timeline.
2. Get a Malware scanner. (not a virus scanner) I personally recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It’s free and easy to use. Click here to go to their page.
3. Run a full system scan.
4. Once the scan is complete it will ask if you wish to quarantine the malware, click yes.
5. Change your Facebook password.

So what to do now your computer is free of Malware and your Facebook account is secure? Why not help spread the word about these scams by telling your friends, or sharing this article.

Until next time, stay safe online!


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